Thank you for choosing Diva’s Sauces as your preferred choice. It all started in a kasi kitchen of Kathorus, entlek inspired mainly by bhabhalaz’ and the love of hot food.

It is made from fresh ingredients and can be enjoyed as marinate, dip or sauce, however, your taste buds fancy. It is full of flavor, put your taste buds to the test and uzozizwela wena “Ibaba Kamnandi”, deliciously hot, spicy and tasty.



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Diva’s Sauces is an entity of Diba and Diva Enterprises which is registered under enterprise number 2017/486460/07 and a 100% black owned company, 50% being owned by a woman.

Diva’s Sauces was first created by Divo and Diba in 2017 inspired by Diba's love of hot and tasty food.

Habanero Habashwe - Extra Hot

hey say it’s extra hot, well we say it’s “habashwe”. A kasi term meaning “death by chilli”, it won't kill you but you’ll be a fire breathing dragon full of flavor. #Babisto_eDivalicious.

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La Diva Epholile - Mild

This is mild flavour for those who don't like hot food but want a tasty character on their dish and a tangy kick in their mouths. #Babisto_eDivalicious.

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Mnandi Pele Pele - Sweet Chilli

When you mix tangy and sweet you get it mnandi pele pele. This is what we call "naughty but nice" because it has a chilli kick with some sweetness. #Babisto_eDivalicious.

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Baba Q Noma Monate - BBQ Marinate

This a BBQ marinate that is tangy and will surely add some divaliciousness in your meat. #Babisto_eDivalicious.

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LaDiva Peri Peri - Hot

This is a hot flavour for the chilli lovers who enjoy the hot flavour in their food. #Babisto_eDivalicious.

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Lemon Kunakisisa - Lemon and Herbs

You might be wondering what the word "Kunakisisa" means, well, this is Shona for "very beautiful" or "too nice". This is what your taste buds get when they taste our lemon and herbs. #Babisto_eDivalicious.

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At Diva's Sauces, we take our customers serious and treat them with respect because they are our cornerstone. When we say "From Diva's Sauces with Love" it's the love we have for them. They are the ones who push us to always work hard so that we can deliver a product that is always on point.