Diva Story

Divo started making sauces in 2013 inspired by Dibas’ love of hot and tasty food and then in 2017 Diva’s Sauces was established as a business. There after a new hot tasty world was discovered. Divo and Dibas worked hard in perfecting their recipe after a little inspiration, dedication and time, Diva’s Sauces was born.

Divo and Dibas are proud to present their range of delightful sauces to you. Whether you need to add a little kick to your favorite dishes or just looking for a kinky dipping sauce, we have just the thing for you…

Maybe you are a fire breathing chilli dragon, or just considering a little chilli experimentation, whatever it is we have the perfect sauce for you.

Our ranges of sauces are lovingly homemade from Bird’s-eye (green and red), Cayenne and Habanero chillies and other ingredients. We use no artificial flavorings, colorings or preservatives, so every drop of Diva’s sauces is wholesome and delicious.

Our Divas

Baba Q
Nama Monate: BBQ Marinate

This is a BBQ marinate that is tangy and will add some divaliciousness to your meat.

Peri Peri: Hot

This is a hot flavour for the chilli lovers who enjoy the hot flavour in their food.

LaDiva Epholile: Mild

This is a mild flavour for those who don’t like hot food but want a tasty character on their dish and a tangy kick in their mouths.

 Habanero Habashwe: 
Extra Hot

They say it’s extra hot but we say it’s “habashwe”, a township term meaning “death by chilli”. It won’t kill you but you’ll be a fire breathing dragon full of flavour.


Diva Standoff


'Diva's Sauces are a must have and it is difficult lately to eat without adding the sauces to my dish. They sure add some character on any dish and yes because I have all 3 of them then I can proudly say Diva's Sauces #IbabaKamnandi.'
Dudu Qobo,
'Diva's Sauces have an awesome flavor and honestly quite addictive if you're one of those fire breathing dragons like I do. Every Diva guarantees it's own flavor, taste and look...'
Thulani Kosh Nkosi


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